Builder Sands

Brick Sand

Brick sand is high in clay content used for laying bricks and blocks

Concrete Sand

Concrete sand is a washed, coarse grade sand used for paving, can be used in the garden when mixed with the soil for aeration purposes and for concreting when mixed with cement & gravel.

Plaster Sand

A fine screen sand suitable for rendering walls and screeding bathroom floors for tiling.

Packing Sand -TS4

TS4 is a yellow sand used for back filling around water pipes, electrical pipes & gas pipes in trenches. 

Washed Sand 

Sometimes called Kindy Sand, this is a white washed sand often used for young childrens sand pits as it doesn't stain their clothes. The sand is also used as a paver sweeping sand. 

Quarry Sand

A fine, grey quarry material that pack down well, often used under paving and also under plastic rainwater tanks.

Pre-mix 50:50

Concrete premix is ideal as a general purpose product you mix with cement, suitable for shed floors, footings and paths. It is a half sand half metal ratio.

Concrete sand and screenings are available separately if a different mix is required. 

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